Susann Herrmann Albert Tobler

Susann Herrmann, Dipl. Psych. (MA)
Albert G. Tobler, AC accredited
Founders of London Meditation

The London Meditation Community

Around two years ago this page started with the sentence:
"You pressed the button Community and landed on the page where the communication platform for the London Meditation Community will soon come to life..."

In November 2015 this website was replaced by the London Meditation & London Coaching Network Platform, with high ambitions and great hopes...

Now a very much reduced version of the "old" London Meditation website is back! Why?

The community-driven Network of independent providers did not work!
Neither operationally nor economically, and after the initial interest of trainees and graduates the "business" of London Meditation, created over nearly 10 years went down to a crucial point and the necessity to rethink and act with immediate effect was inevitable...

At this point Susann and I decided to concentrate for the time being on the mindfulness training, to organise and deliver the standards in customer care, content and performance as new customers expect from our reputation and recurring participants have become accustomed to. That we intend for the future, our acknowledged best practice and delivery of our very high standards will be actively taken care of by Susann (mindfulness) and Albert (coaching) personally again...

Markets changing, not all ideas and projects are successful but quality will survive!
The Provider Network belongs to the past, we learned from it and now we look forward to focus on the new task...

...the – – with an interactive training platform (coming soon!) for the Association for Coaching (AC) Accredited Advanced Diploma in Coach Training (AADCT), the award for graduates of our Mindfulness Application (MBI & MBA) Teacher Training (MATT).

Thanks for your ongoing interest in our work!

Albert G. Tobler
Human Communication Ltd.
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