Susann Herrmann Albert Tobler

Susann Herrmann, Dipl. Psych. (MA)
Albert G. Tobler, Master Executive Coach
Founders of London Meditation

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Even when words cannot really describe the nature of meditation – we like the following statements:

Anthony Quinn as Alexis Zorbas: "...when you are dancing – become the dance!"

Yehudi Menuhin to his students: "...when you like to be a virtuoso you have to exercise, exercise, exercise until you are perfect. Then forget everything and play!"

Osho: "...what ever you do – do it total – ecstasy and silence – that’s meditation!"

Albert Tobler: "...and so shall be my way of living – life total – managed by meditation!"

Corporate History

Human Communication was first established in Germany as a service provider dedicated to improve the communication of human beings in their work-life. Later, the company owner moved for business reasons to London and Human Communication Ltd was incorporated at Companies House for England and Wales in 1999.

MbM-Management by Meditation™ was defined in form and content by Albert G. Tobler and registered as the Trade Mark of Human Communication Ltd in 2004 to protect the Work of Susann Herrmann: "...the synergy of psychology and meditation."

The London Meditation Group was founded in 2005 by Susann Herrmann and Albert G. Tobler to share the experience of Active Meditation as part of daily life with friends and neighbours.

Susann Herrmann took over the company in 2006 as sole proprietor and since 2008 London Meditation is the Trading Name (Label) of Human Communication Ltd.


The Founders

Susann Herrmann, Dipl. Psych. (MA)

trained as a banker (Degree in Banking Business Economics and General Vocational Training Supervision) and as a Clinical and Occupational Psychologist (German Diploma Degree "Dipl.-Psychologin" – MA equivalent) as well as a supervisor (Certificate "Methodology and Practice of Group Dynamics"). She has gained skills from:

  • 21 years meditation experiences
  • 19 years experience working with people in groups
  • 14 years work experience in the financial services field
  • 14 years of working internationally (Human Communication)
  • 9 years driving the concept of MbM-Management by Meditation™
  • 9 years of working as clinical and occupational psychologist
  • 8 years of developing London Meditation
  • 8 years as sole proprietor of Human Communication Ltd

Albert G. Tobler (AC Accreditation)

trained as a deacon (church officer) in areas such as socio-marketing and socio-management, pastoral care, project management and various therapeutic approaches gained knowledge and skills from:

  • 38 years meditation experiences
  • 36 years of learning & development
  • 31 years of coaching (personal, team, performance, talent, executive)
  • 26 years of business development (start-up, change, concept)
  • 17 years of working internationally
  • 9 years driving the concept of MbM-Management by Meditation™
  • 8 years of developing London Meditation

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