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By slapping the word mindfulness on new products and services simply to make them fashionable, these corporations are making the word itself somewhat impotent. ’Mindfulness’ is at risk of becoming the new ’organic’.

David Gelles,
Mindful Work:

How Meditation Is Changing Business from the Inside Out

quotation marks Coaching is...

... a facilitated, dialogic and reflective learning process that aims to grow the individuals (or teams) awareness, responsibility and choice (thinking and behavioural).

The advancing popularity of the profession reflects a need arising in business and society for people to find solutions to the complexities they face in their life, career and profession.

Association for Coaching

quotation marks Research from the field of psychotherapy suggests that rather than the therapist’s preferred process or methodology, the biggest variance in client outcomes results from their way of being with clients. We will explore the role of mindfulness in enabling a state of open receptivity in the coaching encounter and deeper levels of attunement and resonance with coaching clients.

While mindfulness might be brought explicitly into the coaching relationship through teaching mindfulness practices, we will consider how mindfulness might inform coaching process and influence outcomes through the embodied presence of a mindful coach...

University of Oxford

Association for Coaching

Albert Tobler

Albert G. Tobler, Master Executive Coach
Co-Founder of London Meditation

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In the past 5 years the coaching profession has become the No 1 professional development favoured by corporation, leading businesses and entrepreneurial ventures to achieve their cultural, business and people related priorities.

Association for Coaching, 2017

London Meditation Mindfulness Application Teacher Training

Mindfulness Application Teacher Training

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AC Coach Training Accreditation signals to students that a training course meets the AC standard for comprehensive coach training, encompassing the application of the AC Coaching Competency Framework, works within the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches and Mentors ethical guidelines and providing practical experience.

Association for Coaching

Training for Professionals

Diploma in Mindfulness Coaching

CompetenceDevelopment Process (CD.P)

The Mindfulness Application CompetenceDevelopment Process (MA CD.P)
is the 3rd and final training programme of our Training for Professionals.
In this, we build upon the Foundation (1st programme) and the MBI EmbodimentProcess (2nd programme) to develop your Mindfulness Application (MA) for your special target group.

After graduation from all three trainings,
you will be awarded with the Advanced Diploma in Mindfulness Coaching,
which opens the door to Master / Master Executive Coaching accreditation with the Association for Coaching (AC). Corporate clients especially will require that you are an accredited member of a recognised national or international body like the AC.


  • In Interpersonal Mindfulness (IM),
    you experienced the practice to relate mindfully,
  • the AwarenessCoaching Foundation Training (ACFT)
    you imparted the mindful approach (MBA) to communicate in an enabling way,
  • the EmbodimentProcess
    gave you the advanced introduction tools to Mindfulness (MBSR & MBCT)
  • and the Practicum allowed you to facilitate with confidence.

And during this time, you will have already been working professionally by applying your newly gained skills and products – either in your everyday work routine, or as a paid freelance coach and facilitator.

Now is the time in this training process
where you move from Fit for Practice to advanced proficiency, from certified AwarenessCoach to Mindfulness Coach.

You are climbing the career ladder now to become a

  • Master Coach
    with your own unique approach and products or even mindful enterprise or a
  • Master Executive Coach,
    the ’Living Mirror’ for key influencers, leaders and even celebrities...

You already have two years of working experience as an AwarenessCoach,
you are an MBI facilitator, and now comes another year to design your personal brand or hallmark with the help of a

  • Group of fellow trainees,
    all mindfulness practitioners from various professional backgrounds,
  • Senior Mindfulness Teacher as well Clinical and Occupational Psychologist,
  • Master Executive Coach with 40 years of experience of enabling people and
  • additional wonderful experts with surprising values and contributions...
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Training Structure

Mindfulness Application (MA)

CompetenceDevelopment Process (CD.P)

  • First 4-day workshop (winter, date tba):
    • Career progression or Start-up development
      • Status reflection
      • Further Individual Business Development Design
  • Four Online Live Group sessions during the year, 3 hours each in between the workshops:
    • Progress reflection
    • Business / Action Plan forward projection
  • Second 4-day workshop (autumn, date tba):
    • Evaluation of individual business / action plan progress over the year
    • Assessment using the Mindfulness Coaching Assessment Criteria (MCAC) based on the MBI:TAC from the University of Bangor, CMRP.

The structure of each workshop day will be embedded by formal mindfulness meditation practice as an underlying foundation.

Seahorses Guest House, Victoria Road, Freshwater, Isle of Wight, PO40 9PP

During the 3rd Training (MA CD.P) there will be the requirement of an

both understood as CPD.

Individual Online Live Coaching/Supervision sessions are bookable in addition.

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Mindfulness Coaching Trainer Team:

Albert G. Tobler,
Association for Coaching Accredited Master Executive Coach, Trainer and Supervisor

Susann Herrmann Dipl-Psych. (MA),
Clinical & Occupational Psychologist, Senior Mindfulness Teacher and Supervisor


If you have any questions please call 020 3137 1358 or send an email.