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Mindfulness-based AwarenessCoaching

Programme Overview

MBAC provides experienced managers and leaders with the opportunity to transform their leadership work. It draws on the latest research in cognitive and medical sciences and applies that research to leadership. This shows how mindfulness can enable leaders and their teams to work in meaningful, effective, transformative and freeing ways.

Why is there a need for MBAC for leaders and their organisations?

Many leaders working across corporate, government, community and not-for-profit organisations are encountering new pressures to do more with less. As a result, leaders often feel overwhelmed or compromised, powerless to make the changes they know will make the important difference to their employees, teams, organisations and customers. Everywhere, people are looking for leadership that supports people to be their best in their role without losing sight of values, purpose and wellbeing.

MBAC means leading with presence, connection and power

It means getting back in touch with the joy of working with people and teams towards new purposes. This program will enable you to lead mindfully – you won’t lead with a ’full mind’ but with one that is clear and focused on what matters.

Benefits for you and your organisation

Our Mindfulness-based AwarenessCoaching (MBAC) Programme will immerse you in the different ways of being in the leadership space – and being present in the here and now. This will transform the way you lead your team and organisation.

Our Mindfulness-based Awareness Coaching (MBAC) Programme will help you to:

  • understand and respond to the challenges you face as a leader in new and transformative ways
  • open up new possibilities for you to make a leadership contribution
  • be less reactive in your leadership role
  • gain new insights into long standing patterns in your leadership and feel supported to be courageous in change and experimentation
  • develop ways to relinquish your urgency to strive and over commit (as this takes you out of the present)
  • relate better to people at other levels of management
  • improve capacities in deep listening, dialogue, giving and receiving feedback
  • develop ways of managing stress - your own and those of the people you are leading
  • find greater happiness and fulfilment in leading your team and organisation
  • build capacity to lead and inspire your team and organisation
For whom is the MBAC Programme for?

MBAC is for talents, experienced managers and leaders already committed to personal transformative leadership work. Prospective participants should be open to deep reflective work, to working in a fully present way with other group members and to personal experimentation (including approaches such as gestalt work, constellation, mindful yoga, breath work and meditation).

Learning features

Participants will experience a unique blend of experiential group and reflective methods combined with the latest leadership and mindfulness research.

MBAC builds on the experience of cutting edge international research and innovation in business, law and medicine.

Our holistic and integrated learning approach enables you to practically apply MBAC on immediate return to your workplace and in all spheres of your life – with lasting impact. Participants' intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual experiences are integrated into their leadership work.

The experiential group and reflective methods include
  • deep reflective work
  • working honestly with other group members
  • personal experimentation, including in physical and contemplative work
  • reflecting, relating and connecting
  • identifying and re-focusing on values and purpose
  • working with meditative, breath and body techniques
  • integrating well-being into the work of leadership

The practices and techniques in this MBAC programme will demonstrate how mindfulness can be applied to all kinds of advanced leadership work.

These include

  • mediation, conflict resolution, leading groups and organisations in major change, creating a coaching culture, personal reinvention and working towards sustainable work-life balance.

For further information please contact Albert G. Tobler or call 020 3137 1358.