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The little things...
The little moments...
They aren’t little...
They are life!
Jon Kabat-Zinn

Meditation for Busy People

Meditation does not mean to spent time you do not have. It means: use the gaps and waiting times... Don’t wait – meditate!

Short and simple techniques for moments where you need the relieving benefits of meditation urgently...
Moments such as facing an important meeting, decision or first impression, deliver the elevator pitch or...

Here one example: The Mindful Minute

Question: How long is a minute?
Task: Count your breaths during 1 minute of natural breath rhythm observation.
Result: Now you know how many breaths a minute is long...!

If you do this on a regular base, you will see the results... Promised!

Corporate Growth and Social Responsibility

The results and recommendations from the RESPONSE project (download PDF file), an international project funded by the European Community, enlighten the significance of social responsibility for today's leaders and illustrate how to enable them to overcome this challenge.

The answer is coaching based on introspective and meditative techniques as the most success promising learning approach – or Mindfulness-based Awareness Coaching (MBAC).

Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of meditation seen as ROI in your most valuable resource – your people!

It is common sense that meditation is a relaxation tool, reducing stress and preventing burn-outs. But meditation is also an awareness tool which can unfold hidden potentials, uncloses unlimited possibilities of success and (job) satisfaction.

Work-life Balance
  • Flexible labour times, sabbatical, maternity leave creates free time for what?
  • How to use this time sufficiently?
  • Work smarter not harder!

Theses are easy spoken phrases but often unclear how to transfer into reality. If you don’t know how to use this gained time effectively it is likely that it is wasted and frustration takes place where relaxation or life quality improvement should be the outcome. Holistic awareness for body sensations, emotions and the mind enables employees to live more conscious, means physically and mentally more healthy.
In return this means less absenteeism, happier people, higher performance...

A real ’win-win-win’ scenario!

To discuss your company’s requirements for Meditation for Busy People please contact Albert G. Tobler or call 020 3137 1358.