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Mindfulness for the Workplace

There is no doubt about it; today’s business is a round-the-clock atmosphere.

We are hounded with external pressures, overwhelmed with information overload, asked to deliver more with less, work longer hours and have less personal time for renewal activities. But what is the result?

Self-inflicted attention deficit disorder, exhaustion, lack of focus, reduced health, and burnout. This leads to lower job satisfaction, morale and productivity.
Hardly the results we want.

Did you know...
  • That the so-called Burn-Out-Syndrome is now recognised as a endemic decease?
  • That over 50% of the workforce says Job Stress is a major problem in life?
    This is twice as much as ten years ago.
  • We also have 50% greater healthcare expenditures
  • and corporations are losing over hundreds of billions annually because of work-related stress!
What’s going on here?

In an age of so much distraction, the old approach of time management at work is being thrown out the window in favour of attention management.

Mindfulness is a practical way to get this.

We’re often spending time worrying about a multiple future projects or dwelling on regrets of past ones. This makes it difficult to really concentrate on a task or another person at work.

When we multi-task, we are paying attention to many things and while this may seem like a good thing, we're actually losing quality, efficiency and time.

Global Players started to take action, companies like Google, Apple, Aetna, Nexterra, Intel, Twitter, Facebook and many others leading the way integrating mindfulness into the workplace.

Many of them are harnessing the power of technology to bring mindfulness to their workforce to help them reduce stress, increase focus and be more productive.

Therefore: Mindfulness for Business People!

"Most leaders recognise the need to think strategically about the future. But many fail to dedicate the proper time and attention to doing it. Staying focused on the big picture in your business is no easy task, but increased mindfulness can help you to convey and execute your leadership strategy." Harvard Business Review.

The detachment that can come with mindfulness helps you to remain calm in the midst of a storm. When something unwelcome or unexpected happens, there can be a tendency for the mind to become overwhelmed. This is triggered by a rush of brain chemicals and rapid activity in the brain.

Immediately following this ’rush’, you have a choice: reach for mindfulness or continue with the mental turmoil. With mindfulness you can find clarity of thought and rational decision making. Even better, you will reduce the stress of the moment. Reducing stress in the moment is a good outcome. The long term cumulative benefits to your health and emotional well-being of a reduction in stress are considerable.

Three Core Processes Affected by Mindfulness
  • Decoupling the sense of self, from events, experiences, thoughts and emotions ("...I’m not my thoughts, feelings and emotions,...")
  • Decreased automaticity (less automatic pilot!)
  • Increased awareness and regulation of physiological systems (your choice!)
Seven Secondary Processes Affected by Mindfulness
  • Decreased rumination
  • Greater Empathy
  • Increased response flexibility
  • Improved affective regulations
  • Increased self-determination and greater persistence
  • Enhanced working memory
  • Greater accuracy in affective forecasting
The Business Case of Mindfulness
  • Enable the corporation to validate mindfulness as a benefit! (can be achieved by taster sessions, workshops and group coaching)
  • Identify practitioners under the employees and train them as trainer!

You take care of your body? (gym) – So take care of your brain! (mind gym)

To discuss your company’s requirements for Mindfulness for the Workplace please contact Albert G. Tobler or call 020 3137 1358.