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I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum potential.
Bob Nardelli CEO, Home Depot

Mindful Executive Coaching

It is lonely on the top and crucial to discuss confidential or critical issues in a decision making process, to have a rehearsal of an important presentation or to challenge a strategy before use it...

You are the expert (content)

... in your area and what ever your demand is and ...

you need an expert (process)

... who asks the right questions at the right time to let you see finally clear, to decide consciously and sustainably as well with credo.

The most popular reasons why Executive Coaching thought by companies both large and small are to help the Executives, Directors, Senior Managers ...

You might like help in some or all of the following areas:
  • Fine tune your interpersonal, confidence and advanced communication skills
  • Improve your people management skills
  • Be an outstanding and inspirational leader
  • Be able to motivate and build productive teams
  • Improve your internal political savvy
  • Discuss your questions and concerns about how to handle situations that you can’t discuss with others in your organisation
  • Have someone around who understands what you're facing and whom you can confide in
  • Improve your development as a person, as a leader and take the company on to the next level
  • Raise your profile in your company and industry
  • Improve your sales and growth
  • Be able to step back and look at your company or department from a different perspective
  • Get some help sorting things out
  • Earn what you are worth and get the credit for the work that you do
  • Improve your business in every area

Through the combination of coaching, personality assessments, gestalt work, contemplative investigations, action planning, projects and solutions we will assist you to make those tough decisions and to help you to overcome your challenges.

You will get to know about all of the personality layers that make you what you really are – the true authentic leader.

For your executive coaching needs, a personal match meeting or your company’s coaching requirements please contact Albert G. Tobler
or call 020 3137 1358.