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A coach can play any number of roles – mentor, consultant, motivator, but one thing she or he is not is a therapist. Coaching deals with the ’how’:
How you can move on from where you are and make change.
It’s action-oriented and concerned with the present and future, not the past.
Shape Magazine

We provide also the following

In-house Trainings

In-House training is training delivered at your site, for your convenience and that of your employees. We can deliver any of the courses featured on this website as an In-House training solution. We can tailor these programmes to meet your needs or alternatively we can design and develop bespoke programmes based on your business objectives, policies and procedures.

Our team of dedicated AwarenessArchitects (the Member’s of the London Coaching Team) will work with you to meet your needs and ensure that you are happy with the proposed programme content.

Here some examples:

In-House trainings are providing cost effective solutions for delivery of training for each size of group. We will provide programme workbooks for each delegate and a summary evaluation report following the delivery of programme.

The AwarenessArchitects are making all the necessary arrangements associated with the delivery of the course including:

  • Selection of the most suitable Member(s) of the London Coaching Team to deliver the training
  • Arrangement of any necessary pre-course meetings or conference calls with the Coach(es) / Trainer(s)
  • Ensuring of the programme materials and any necessary equipment are delivered to your site / venue
  • Point of contact for any questions you may have
  • Providing of evaluation summary reports

We deliver In-House training throughout Europe, covering a variety of subjects and working in a range of sectors.

London Meditation / London Coaching’s courses are designed to be participative, interactive and engaging whilst also delivering current thinking and theory on the specific subject areas. The London Coaching Team will work with you to deliver the right course at the right price and the right site.

A sustainable way to enhance resources is to qualify your best people further.

Tell as your expectations and we will give you a quote!

To discuss your in-house training requirements please contact Albert G. Tobler
or call 020 3137 1358.