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I realize now it is not that easy to share the steps and content of this life changing, coaching experience I had with Albert.

Probably, to summarize it the first striking element was the use of relaxation (so unusual in my professional context) which quite quickly brought me more agility in the ability to step back from the long ’to-do list of the day’ to get to a weekly, then monthly or yearly one...

Second, Albert helped me visualize my personal development goals (the dream ones) and I became aware that it was not opposite to my professional career growth. On the contrary, combining the two has strengthened my self respect, sharpening my focus on those strengths that are also the fundamental values for which I stand.

Albert was so positive helping through the many concrete issues we covered together that it was really a revitalizing experience.

Now, I feel ready for whatever big professional change to come... keeping in mind only a short ’to-do list of my life’."

Gildas, Finance Director in the (rock the boat) mining Industry

quotation marks Albert provided excellent work as a personal coach, we managed a job change from Operations to Marketing while developing a very successful business model, addressing CRM.

Albert’s very professional approach enabled me to review and improve leadership style, while also considering and evaluate personal and business related objectives and targets.

I can strongly recommend the use of personal coaches – and specially Albert Tobler, as he stands for great results, reliable, creative and successful solutions – great to know him and to learn from him and his experience and knowledge.

Christian, VP & GM Alcan Packaging Tobacco Western Europe

Susann Herrmann Albert Tobler

Susann Herrmann, Dipl. Psych. (MA)
Albert G. Tobler, Master Executive Coach
Founders of London Meditation

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Do you know how it feels to peel off the layers of clouds in your mind?

And do you know what it means to raise your awareness just simply by spending time with yourself?

I am so grateful for what I have experienced with and through Susann.

The Coaching process and mediation practise helped me to get back and follow my path.

I still enjoy using the tools she has given me to maintain my fulfilled state. Thank you, Susann!

Kathleen, Anaesthetic Lead Nurse

quotation marks It has been very good working with Susann.

She has helped me to focus and keep up the momentum to achieve clarity and confidence during a period of considerable change in my life.

She enabled me to take the road that will lead to the life I really want to have. Thank you so much.

Katrin, Social Worker

quotation marks I was struggling with control issues and anxiety. I had a very difficult potentially life changing decision to make and was paralysed by fear. I was spending no time at all in the present, only worrying about the future and reliving difficult moments in the past.

After less than a year working with Susann everything has changed.

I made the decision I needed to make and have found the consequences much easier to bear than I was expecting.

I am happier than I have ever been, because I now finally feel able to face myself, accept the bad with the good and to live with both. I still have lots of negative thoughts, but I am learning to watch them, and let them go, rather than following them to the point where I am heading for depression. Instead I bring myself back to the present where I can now connect much more meaningfully with friends and family, and notice small things which make me happy.

I feel strong and calm and I am actually living life as it happens!

I feel incredibly grateful to Susann for her positive, clear headed, sensible and above all humorous guidance – it has really changed my life.

Joanna, Corporate Lawyer


Individual Sessions

Each one of us is travelling on an individual pathway through life.
Sometimes we enjoy the journey
and in other moments we are searching for support in order to be able to move on.

Susann and Albert know very well what it means to be on the Path.
Both are coming from very different backgrounds and have had their individual experiences during their personal journeys.

Already at the age of seven, Susann was confronting her parents with the question "What is life?" Her rebellious spirit that she had already developed was not satisfied with the answer she got. This was just the beginning of her deep and ongoing search up until now...

From a young age, Albert couldn’t understand why people fight against each other. Since then, he has developed many different approaches to allow people to become more aware and to act in cooperation rather than in competition...

Both have their life travel companions; private ones such as family members and friends, and professionals such as teachers, trainers & supervisors.

Susann and Albert would love to be your travel companions to enable you to apply mindfulness to your personal and/or professional life and, in turn, to live with greater awareness and lead a more balanced and fulfilling life.

If you have the feeling you would like to meet Susann or Albert in the privacy of a One-to-One OnlineLIVE session, please find an overview of their different offerings below:

  • Albert G. Tobler,
    Association for Coaching Accredited Master Executive Coach, Trainer and Supervisor

If you don’t know them yet,
you are most welcome to book a complimentary 15min call to get to know each other a little and see if you are a good fit to work together before initiating sessions.


Private Sessions with Susann Herrmann Dipl-Psych. (MA)

If you are interested in working with Susann please send us a brief email.

  • Time to Talk
    We will focus either on your meditation practice or with any other place in your life where you feel ’stuck’ and would like to apply mindfulness and compassion practices to help you regain a sense of ease and wellbeing.
    This is not therapy, but can be deeply therapeutic and life changing.
    • Cost: £ 75 – One off Session (45 mins)
    • Multiple session contract (details agreed in first session)
  • Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC)
    MSC provides simple tools to respond in a kind, compassionate way whenever we suffer, fail or feel inadequate.
    • Cost: £ 75 – One off Session (45 mins)
    • Multiple session contract (details agreed in first session)
    Explore more about MSC >
  • Interpersonal Mindfulness (IM)
    IM offers an opportunity to deepen our meditation practice in the place we most often forget it: our social interactions.
    • Cost: £ 150 – One off Session (90 mins)
    • Multiple session contract (details agreed in first session)
    Explore more about IM Intensive >
  • Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)
    A programme that helps you learn to live in the present moment and foster a new, ’de-centred’ perspective to your thoughts and feelings – 10 sessions (90 mins each)
    Cost: £ 1,500 including handouts & guided meditations.
    Explore more about MBCT >
  • Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Programme (MBSR)
    A programme that has evidence-based health benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety through practicing mindfulness – 10 sessions (90 mins each)
    Cost: £ 1,500 including handouts & guided meditations.
    Explore more about MBSR >
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Private Sessions with Albert G. Tobler

If you are interested in working with Albert please send us a brief email.

  • Time to Talk – an AwarenessCoaching experience
    In our talk we start to become aware of what is influencing our here and now.
    Therefore, we use a very natural approach of sensing the present moment.
    If we see clearer, it’s more likely that we can find solutions for our way ahead.
    • Cost: £ 75 – One off Session (45 mins)
    • Multiple session contract (details agreed in first session)
    Explore more >
  • Training for Professionals’ Development Support
    For London Meditation trainees only!
    Training progress also needs time to reflect.
    Wherever you are on your Training Pathway, and if questions are arising about your coaching approach, marketing or other commercial aspects of your Mindfulness Applications, here are your support opportunities:
    • Cost: £ 60 + VAT – Duration of session: 60 mins
    • Subscription (6 sessions for the price of 5!)
  • Executive Coaching
    MBM-Management by Meditation™ stands for our approach in Mindfulness Executive Coaching. This special approach is aimed for those at the high-performing management level, or even at the Executive level.
    Contracts only!


If you have any questions please call 020 3137 1358 or send an email.