Susann Herrmann Albert Tobler

Susann Herrmann, Dipl. Psych. (MA)
Albert G. Tobler, Master Executive Coach
Founders of London Meditation

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Man is a little strange: he goes on exploring the Himalayas, he goes on exploring the Pacific, he goes on reaching for the moon and Mars; there is just one thing he never tries – exploring his inner being.



Meditative Therapy
MBCT-Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

Voices from the MBCT Winter Group Course Jan – Mar 2011:
"Thank you Susann for your energy and your humanity! I liked the clear and concise teaching; it was well structured, friendly and inclusive – a professional course and considerate training. The fact that this was introduced as training rather than therapy hit the spot! Do it – you’ll never regret it!..."
"Lovely venue – clear weekly topics – variety – perfect group size – wonderful warm teacher – 2 hours is perfect amount of time: long enough to achieve stuff, but not too long..."
"I liked the varied range of meditations were practised during the sessions, which translate into a number of life tools I can use in my day-to-day life. The sessions always took places in a non-judgemental environment too, which was important for me..."
"Great venue – calm relaxing atmosphere – very welcoming... Sharing was important – group felt save and accepted..."
"I found it most useful to practising the various meditations in a class, the excellent exploration of the concept of mindfulness in very simple terms by using very simple images / metaphors. The teacher was an excellent communicator..."
"Everything was so very clearly and lovingly delivered by Susann. New ways of approaching familiar issues, ideas and concepts..."
"Thank you very much for making such a difference in my life!..."
"Thank you for very valuable and meaningful 8 weeks!..."

Voices from the MBCT Autumn Group Course Oct – Dec 2010:
"Susann has given me my life back! After being dogged with depression for over a decade, I finally have the tools to prevent myself from shipping into the downward spirals that have taken over so much of my life. I am now calmer, happier and optimistic that the future will be very different..."
"I have enjoyed the experience enormously – a safe, comfortable place, to learn, with nice people. To learn to meditate in a guided way was invaluable, the handouts and recordings essential. I felt that I was investing in knowledge – and myself!..."
"Good, peaceful, clean, well organised venue... Will recommend it to any of my friends!..."
"Great space and good length of programme; I most enjoyed guided meditations and ’Thoughts are not Facts’..."
"I’ve really enjoyed having the space to breathe and acknowledge my thinking and appreciate how to go from there... Feeling energized and found a world away from when I started the course..."
"I liked the simplicity of the approach and that the methods were open to questions and discussions; very supportive environment and superb teaching..."
"Great programme, very helpful: group space, homework, handouts, supportive group environment..."
"I enjoyed being mindful of my thoughts. The shaking meditation gave me a sense of my own little light that has been hidden for decades..."

Voices from the MBCT Autumn Group Course Sep – Nov 2010:
"I think mindfulness is a very difficult thing to understand and practise, particularly in the early stages. Without a good teacher it would be very easy to get lost and confused in your mindfulness practice. Your teaching was fantastic. You made it easy to understand and broke the process down into manageable stages. It is clear that you have a deep understanding of mindfulness and MBCT..."
"I loved the course and your warm and caring character!..."
"I just wanted to say a big thank you for the MBCT course. The course was extremely well run and organised. You brought so much enthusiasm to the course and created a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. I felt I was almost having an one2one session because you really connected with each person..."
"I just wanted to say tanks again for a wonderful course. I didn’t really have an expectation of what the course would be like, or much awareness of the tension I was feeling and it was so nice to just let that go. I still can’t stop smiling..."
"There was an amazing energy in the group and it really inspired me to keep on meditating – and maybe even try a few breathing spaces – I will definitely do it again!..."
"Overall... thank you Susann for your warmth, energy and humour, for wonderful learnings, beautiful meditations and a lovely group..."
"Susann’s teaching: warm, down-to-earth and skilful!..."
"I really appreciated the teacher’s enthusiasm and involvement. Susann’s teachings were honest and fun. I liked Susann’s liveliness and all the techniques and strategies..."
"Brilliant course – no unrealistic expectations – all was real!..."

Voices from the MBCT Summer Group Course Jul – Aug 2010:
"This course was so good because of Susann, she makes the course what it is, her knowledge and understanding of the subject are amazing and she really translates it into a way you can understand..."
"The strength of the course was the regularity, the gradual development and the introduction to different techniques of mindfulness and meditation..."
"Thank you! I’m keen to continue my practice and see what happens. I have realised that things just change and I need to observe whatever’s true and not be afraid of that or look for quick fixes. Let it be and it will change..."
"Very good – very thorough! A sense of caring – wanting to make a difference..."
"Susann’s excellent teaching skills especially her inclusiveness – getting everybody to take part. The meditations themselves were really great and the variety helped to illustrate that there is something for everybody..."
"I really appreciate the way Susann shared her own doubts and fears and your generous encouragement to the rest of us – you made it seem possible!..."
"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to change the way I live my life!..."
"Participating for the second time at a distance of one year was really a good experience. I have seen things more clearly and the people were really nice..."

Voices from the MBCT Spring/Summer Group Course May – Jul 2010:
"Thank you very much Susann! You’ve always been very encouraging but kind – but not too kind that we can get away with not meditating! Always remember – that this is serious, not a joke! I learnt that I need to keep trying and trying; I also learnt to be kind to myself. My life is definitely getting better... not the life itself, but how I relate to my experience made me feel that my life has got better even though it has been quite the same really!..."
"This was a very excellent course that offers a very solid foundation in MBCT practise. The teacher, Susann, was very calm and approachable and the group was relaxed and informal..."
"Overall I found the atmosphere good, supportive and caring to feel secure. Found the whole programme revelatory and learned a range of strategies. Wish I had found this course sooner..."
"The pace of the course was right in that I didn’t feel overwhelmed at any point with the amount of information to absorb..."
"Thank you very much for your energy and enthusiasm throughout the eight weeks..."
"Thank you for showing me a new way of life!..."
"Susann was excellent! Great to be able to meet likeminded people in comfortable and friendly surrounding..."
"I enjoyed the quality of teaching, the relaxed atmosphere that was created, the depth of the teachings and the ability to ask questions..."

Voices from the MBCT Spring Group Course Mar – May 2010:
"Best course I’ve ever done! When I started MBCT I was severely depressed. Medication lifted me out of a hole but MBCT has given a reinvigorated perspective on my life, the illness and now to cope with difficulties that come my way. Susann is a truly wonderful teacher – I’m so glad and happy that I embraced this..."
"A massive thank you to Susann! Throughout the whole course and I’m sure into the future Susann has felt more like a friend than a teacher; never once did I doubt her support or commitment to helping us. It truly made a difference to my motivation and what I managed to draw from this experience..."
"Susann’s experience, clarity and honesty were the strength of the course and made the experience so clearly and caringly related..."
"Susann’s teaching techniques – Brilliant!..."
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You have given me the strength to embrace life ’mindfully’ and I’m looking forward to it. Keep up the good work!..."
"Working as a group was very refreshing and inaugurating; the structured approach to the topic took the mystique out of mindfulness..."
"Absolutely brilliant course! Susann is a brilliant, engaging and inspiring teacher who is genuine and giving..."
"Thank you for helping me somewhat turned around my life. I am feeling clearer, more positive and more confident than I can ever remember feeling before..."
"Overall very helpful – a change in the way of life, not just a course..."

Voices from the MBCT Winter Group Course Feb/Mar 2010:
"I have tried many therapies in the past – including standard cognitive therapy – which I found helpful to an extent. I have also tried yoga and other meditation courses. However, yours is the only course that I have done which has offered me such an insightful and effective way forward. I think that the professional and rigorous way in which you approach your teaching is extraordinary and inspirational!..."
"I was actually going to email you today to say that this course was, I think, an important moment in my life! I really feel that the principles and approaches of mindfulness are starting to come together for me and that they offer me a real opportunity to embrace life for what it is and live it to its full potential (what ever that maybe)..."
"I think the challenge with mindfulness and meditation is that is often wrapped up in Buddhist or other eastern traditions which can be inaccessible to the Western mind. I think that you do a brilliant job in translating them..."
"This course has started a journey of meditation for me. I feel extremely grateful and happy for having attended the course. I will be back again!..."
"Very structured programme; very clear instructions each week; excellent advice from Susann; great course..."
"I found the coach – Susann – most useful; no-nonsense approach, depth of knowledge, as well the methods; structured, clear, consistent and the focus; not trying to move away from the subject..."
"Knowledge of teacher is excellent and I was very satisfied and will recommend to others..."

Voices from the MBCT Winter Group Course 2009/2010:
"It has been extremely well organised and Susann is a very knowledgeable and empathic teacher. I found the experience very useful and supportive. I enjoyed the variety of meditations..."
"I have always felt very supported by Susann. I would recommend Susann and London Meditation, both professionally and personally Susann. I have really enjoyed the sessions and although I thought I had a good grasp of what mindfulness is, you have provided a subtle understanding for me, as a way a book or website could not. Thanks..."
"Sharing things with the group was very useful. Great teacher and the "structured" homework was very helpful. Thank you!! It’s been an enriching experience..."
"Dear Susann, just writing to express my gratitude, you were a wonderful teacher, thank you for your patience and all the beautiful teachings, I still do my meditation of choice but I remember all the important things I’ve learned about staying in the moment, detaching from my ego thoughts, being able to stand the pain one breath at a time, that it is ok even when it is not ok, 3 min coping deep breaths, it was brilliant and I’ll try to remember, thanks again for your patience..."
"The strengths of the course were the structure, homework, clear aims and guidance; opportunity to share my experience and connect with others. It’s good to know this place and you exist for the future, to have somewhere to come when I feel the need. I feel I can call and talk to you Susann. I have confidence that you’ll be generous with your time, as you were when I first spoken to you..."
"I found the venue to be a safe, relaxing, welcoming place for the course. Susann has a good approach which is both caring yet firm. It has provided me with a set of wonderful tools for the future. Thank you Susann for a enjoyable and helpful course! I hope to see you again in the future..."
"I do hope that I can do another course later in the year as I was very impressed with how you conducted the classes..."
"Found it showed me an inner strength that I knew was there, but wasn’t sure how to utilise..."
"Most enjoyable were all the guided meditations taken by Susann, especially the longer ones, the "shake-out dance" and the mindful walking..."
"Really great, would and have recommended it to others! Thanks Susann..."
"Most useful were the structure, starting with a meditation and then moving on to the topic. I enjoyed the time that was given to discussion. The variation was very good and works really well. Thanks for everything. The course made a lot of sense and was very interactive..."
"Wonderful set up – so calm and precise, really made the sessions feel good. I liked that each sessions was so clear and organised. Thank you very much! I really think that your project is amazing and such an important – job – what an incredible resource! I will definitely want to stay involved and attend another course in the future..."

Voices from the MBCT Autumn Group Course 2009:
"Well organised and structured. Each session led nicely into the next. Found the group environment very supportive and useful..."
"Thank you! I really enjoyed the course and feel like I benefited from it in a tricky time of my life, and that there are long term potential benefits of this approach. And the support offered was first-rate..."
"Susann has excellent communications skills and is very funny. She sets expectations clearly in advance so you know what you expect to get. This is not a quick fix but tools to help you deal with situations for the rest of your life. Great class and wonderful teacher. Susann is very open and honest..."
"It really helped with my life. A new way of life with Susann super teacher!! Thank you!! I will never forget!!..."
"The kindness of the whole course/approach was most useful and the tools for my inner development most enjoyable. I feel that I am equipped to make my own life better. I feel happier..."
"The structure was very good. There was a continual development that made me enthusiastic to return each week..."
"I enjoyed the build-up and process of discovery, group discussions/interaction and I think this is a valuable part of the course..."
"Clear project with achievable aims – for example, the homework was doable. I enjoyed the strategies and group situations..."

Voices from the MBCT Summer Group Course 2009:
"The course helped to increase my awareness, which is priceless ... I’m very grateful for your patience and encouraging attitude ... very open and generous ... I feel very much empowered ... it was helpful advice from an experienced practitioner and teacher ... the course has given me the opportunity to learn about the benefits of mindfulness and to start to realise this in my day-to-day life ... it was very well structured ... it was honest about what you could expect and what not ..."

Voices from MBCT Private Clients (in alphabetical order):

"We all strive for answers and solutions in these times. What happens when everything we've always tried in the past has just got us to exactly the same place we were in a couple of years, months, days ago? Frustration, disappointment, hurt and feelings of anger just to name a few...
MBCT-Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy was the first thing that gave me some tangible skills to help me on my way to a new way of living...
That's what it is; a new blueprint to a happier way of living. Ultimately, isn't that what it's all about?
Many thanks Susann. You have been a brilliant teacher and guiding light for me over the past 14 weeks."
Perry Adolphus, Personal Trainer

"Before embarking on the MBCT course, I had tried several different methods, over many years, to help me deal with anxiety and depression. More often than not however, I feel that they were either short term fixes, or that I was constantly relying on something (e.g. medication) or someone (e.g. a counsellor) to support me through difficult periods in my life.
MBCT has been very different. I now feel that I have found a very powerful tool, that I will be able to use for the rest of my life, wherever I am and whenever I need to, to help me ’to be’ and allow me to deal with my own difficult issues, independently, in a way that nothing else I have tried in my life, will.
The positive impacts have been far-reaching.
I am no longer consumed by my self-perceived negative past, nor do I constantly live out an unknown future in my head, 24 hours a day! I now feel more able to detach from negative thought processes and solely watch my thoughts; as opposed to becoming them.
Not only do I now live in the moment far more frequently, I often find myself enjoying it! I feel more alive; I am more calm and relaxed; I have increasingly positive relationships with family and friends; my life is no longer so chaotic and out of control; I am far more aware of the beauty of life around me and ultimately, I am more aware of, and can take control of negative thought processes and emotions that can lead to an downward spiral into anxiety and depression.
Finally, Susann has been the most fantastic teacher. I feel very grateful to have been guided by her throughout the course. She is wonderfully warm and patient and has thoroughly supported me (even between sessions when I lost my way). Susann has such a positive energy and she and the course have helped change my life. Thank you for everything.
I would highly recommend this course to EVERYONE!"
Lucy Andrew, Learning Mentor

"After one year of hard work on myself, fighting against anxiety, stress and difficult moments, I finally reached the point in which I'm able to enjoy my life in every aspect and every moment.
Thanks to MBCT and all meditation techniques I've learned. I have with me now all the instruments I need to live my life as I like. Every time I need I can reach the feeling that I'm at home, I'm not lost anymore, I can find peace inside me."
Martina De Brida, Accountant

"One of the biggest differences in my life that can be detected following my experience with Meditative Therapy is the existence of more discipline. I have found that order has entered my life far more naturally and that there is less willingness to procrastinate which is something I would have done far too easily prior to engaging in this form of meditation. I now seem to be able to know how to calm myself in a more structured fashion with the aid of breathing exercises, whose influence in my life should not be underestimated. It is with these that I am able to relax and as a consequence obtain considerable balance and continuity to my life.
I also can only commend the venue in which my classes took place. Its beautiful setting and soothing atmosphere certainly enhanced my experience with each visit."
Sheehan Chandrasinghe, Manager at a Distribution Company

"I was struggling with control issues and anxiety. I had a very difficult potentially life changing decision to make and was paralysed by fear. I was spending no time at all in the present, only worrying about the future and reliving difficult moments in the past. After less than a year working with Susann through the MCBT course everything has changed. I made the decision I needed to make and have found the consequences much easier to bear than I was expecting. I am happier than I have ever been, because I now finally feel able to face myself, accept the bad with the good and to live with both. I still have lots of negative thoughts, but I am learning to watch them, and let them go, rather than following them to the point where I am heading for depression. Instead I bring myself back to the present where I can now connect much more meaningfully with friends and family, and notice small things which make me happy. I feel strong and calm and I am actually living life as it happens! I feel incredibly grateful to Susann for her positive, clear headed, sensible and above all humorous guidance – it has really changed my life."
Joanna Norman, Corporate Lawyer

"I found the MBCT course to be a unique approach to identifying and challenging the way your mind works. It helped me realise just how much time I spend absorbed in thoughts about the future and the past and how little time I spend in the present.
The course gives you useful practical advice and guidance to help one become more focused on the present. I particularly enjoyed the focus on meditation and intend to pursue this further going forward. Overall I found the course to be hugely rewarding and I found Susann to be a particularly insightful guide throughout the course."
Tim Nathan, Banker

"I have found the MBCT programme to be an incredible tool in helping me to cope with everyday challenges with clarity and calmness. Having suffered with depression and anxiety for some time, Susann and the MBCT programme have taught me a new way to deal with problematic issues without having to resort to worrying and stress.
I now feel much more aware of what my mind is doing and why, which in turn has given me the ability to live my life in the present and enjoy things as they happen, rather than worry about what probably never will!
I can’t thank Susann enough for her guidance and support, not just during the course, but after, as I continue to practice meditation and learn more about myself!"
Geoff Parkin, Artist Development Manager

"Whilst I undertook this course primarily in an effort to combat my worsening insomnia, I have been very pleasantly surprised that the application of the techniques learned has significantly enhanced the quality of my waking hours as well. Both the practice and the deceptively simple concepts behind mindfulness have altered my relationship with the external world as well as changing my inner life.
A word of warning though: the extent of the commitment and perseverance required both during and after the course to reap the full benefits should not be underestimated.
My only regret is that I didn’t do this years ago, though Susann might label this as an example of an unhelpful thought pattern!"
J.P. Smith, Finance Professional

"Doing the MBCT course is the first step in a life-long process of learning to deal with difficult issues in your life in a new way – by living in the present moment.
Susann is a great teacher and guide – patient, supportive, positive, and always available at those times you need extra support."
J. Wheeler, Policy Officer

"I started MBCT with Susann for 2 reasons. 1. I was suffering from depression with very low swings that I did not see any purpose or sense of my life any more. 2. I did not wish to see any more GPs and try out yet more different drugs as I believe they only cure the symptoms not the cause.
Susann, through MBCT, showed me a new way out of the blues. The step by step course helped me to understand my mind's functioning, equipped me with useful techniques to disidentify with old distorted thoughts and mood swings when they appeared. It made me realise that through commitment and practise there is a new way of living: living fully in the present moment with enjoyment. This was supported by applied guided meditations which were very liberating and uplifting.
Susann is very knowledgeable, very experienced and funny. I have enjoyed every moment with her! For the first time in my life I finished a therapy! Susann is there for you to help with acceptance, care and love."
Thank you Susann!!
Andrea Zsarnovszky, Teacher

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MBSR-Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme

"I basically just wanted to say a proper thank you, and say how much I appreciated your support. It was so helpful for me to have these eight weeks to install a regular practice of mindfulness and explore what it could do for me. I’m sorry if I didn’t make my appreciation so well known over the eight weeks, but that’s funnily enough because it has only very recently allowed me to break through with my specific ’stress reduction’ and really begin to start healing and learning. I feel that the course was the perfect seed planted to work towards these results, and I thank you so much for providing that opportunity."
Josh H.

"The MBSR course has helped me in many ways across my life, and I feel it’s still helping. The gentle but confident help from Susann to find things out for myself was wonderfully well balanced. I felt the course encouraged a non judgemental, non religious, but essential journey.
The marvel of coming to areas such as appreciation, awareness, letting go, and other beneficial ways of being in different areas of life, I have greatly appreciated. I also found it enjoyable, as well as full of essential discovery."
Sacha T.

"I think at first, even though I was finding it really hard to practise properly I was really feeling the benefits early on, of being more mindful and keeping calmer in the 'front line' both at home and work wise. The Mindfulness Urban Retreat Day was really interesting and for me a real peak of the course and I was really calm.
Thanks for all your support and encouragement."
Lucy S.

" The course was brilliant – thank you!"
"Group format really enhanced reflection and learning from others..."
"The clear home work really made able to apply the rules without getting to hungry on ’shoulds’..."
"Really enjoyable course and I loved the included Mindfulness Urban Retreat Day!"
"The course made sense to me and had helped me much more than two previous mindfulness courses at a Buddhist centre. Thank you for making it so accessible, grounded and enjoyable..."
"Confronting my own self was not always enjoyable but in a way I think it was the point and it was brilliant – thank you!"
"The course structure was fantastic! I’m not sure if it was designed for people to work things out for themselves but that’s how it worked for me and that was brilliant..."
"Tutor was excellent – built great rapport with the group. What I have learned throughout this 8-week will stay with me for life..."
"Meditation changes my perspective, the doom and gloom disappears and becomes light in the sky!"
"Susann was an involved and engaging facilitator and each session was well planned and executed, and varied as well..."
"I found, in addition to the teaching, the stories and quotes quite informative and resonating..."
"Having accidently booked the wrong course I nonetheless found the whole experience positive, despite not being particularly stressed..."
"A truly nourishing, growing experience in the company of the most delightful 14 people..."
"This is the beginning of enjoying my self more! You provided a very warm and open space which encouraged me to share, listen and feel. I was amazed at rediscovering my body through my mind. Really didn’t expect this to happen..."
"Susann is an excellent tutor. Everybody should spend some time in her company. I would highly recommend this course to everyone – and I will!"
Voices from the MBSR Spring Group Course 2011

"Many thanks for a really memorable experience – both weekly sessions and the Mindfulness Urban Retreat Day provided really thought provoking responses. Now I just need to remember to practise what I’ve learned. Most useful – a safe place with an intuitive and genuinely caring guide – Susann your guidance has been well matched to the groups need in my experience..."
"Susann’s instruction was fantastic. Clear and insightful. She gives an air of genuine passion. I felt cared about, safe and contained. I have already recommended the course to people who are close to me. I am happy to know that there is ongoing support in the form of retreat days and email remainders. Thank you so much – I’m so grateful..."
"The strength of the event was the meditations and the advice on the informal practice. The Guesthouse and the idea of mindfulness and being present and of watching problems..."
"Very glad that I have chosen to do the course. I believe this has given me a totally new way to step back, observe and allow the negative dialogue in my head which has the effect of making me more relaxed..."
"Lots of interesting ideas that ... will be valuable in ... me deal with stress/anxiety in the future. The course has opened my eyes and gave me a new way of relating to my anxiety and senses of stress..."
"I found the MBSR course accessible and relevant. I enjoyed the group setting and environment – a little calmness in the madness! MBSR can provide you the first step in a long journey to a more rewarding and fulfilling life..."
"I know myself much better (now). I thought I knew myself quite well before but now I’m thinking differently, discovering things about myself – possibly beginning to like myself. Strengths – amazingly well structured – lots of space to ’grow’ but structured (in good way) throughout. I loved the course, the positivity, I felt great week by week. I feel that the interaction was great. Recommend you keep the course just the way it is! I think the course may have changed my outlook on my life – possibly changed my life for the better. Thank you!"
"WOW! A wonderful course with very interesting teachings I feel ... will help me in everyday’s life situation. I met lots of lovely people too. I found the core teachings of the course most useful, the quotes and the fundamentals what MBSR is – really enjoyed the communication session..."
"Very many thanks for all that effort that has gone into the course and for making it clear that we can always pick up the phone. I really liked the guided meditations we did together in the class..."
"Susann and the meditations – Great!"
"To learn and cultivate awareness in my life was the most powerful thing; something to hold on to. Thank you Susann for creating such a comfortable space to investigate, making mindfulness a part of my life and beginning the journey..."
"I liked learning techniques to be more in the present moment. I liked to being reminded to let go; not judge. I thought that it was helpful to connect some psychology to certain discussions..."
Voices from the MBSR Autumn Group Course 2010

"I enjoyed the interaction with the group, who were all experiencing the same issues around stress, leading busy lives and analysing too much. More than anything, I really liked your approach and style which made me really comfortable..."
"I have taken a lot from this programme. In addition to meditating I constantly use the strategies that you have suggested and find it is helping me handle stressful (or what I perceive as stressful) issues on a day to day basis and is helping me to think about things differently. Thank-you Susann – the experience was phenomenal..."
"I was a little wary to try meditation and wasn’t sure if it would be for me. I think, to be fair, I didn’t really understand what it involved but I hoped the course would make me a calmer, more relaxed person. I realise now it’s going to take more than an 8 week programme to do that – but your experience and unfaultable facilitation has given me some great tools to help me in working towards that goal..."
"Firstly I wanted to thank you for your guidance and support during the MBSR course and weekend session. I found it useful to gain an introduction to MBSR in a group environment, and found it really useful to learn from others’ experineces as well as my own..."
"I feel that there is a lot more to learn, and I know you said at one of the sessions that we really are beginners so can’t expect to be experts just yet! However the 8 week course is a great start. There was a good combination of formal practice and group discussion sessions. I found the ’all-day’ retreat to be a unique experience and you tailored it well and gave us the opportunity to do things we wouldn’t normally have had chance to do..."
Voices from the MBSR Summer Group Course 2010

"Everything useful; idea of accepting problems best; well structured and well presented; nice atmosphere..."
"The course made meditation accessible, many different ways to approach it; lots of laughter and I enjoyed the group; helped to hear how others were feeling, coping and that you are not the only one with life stresses. Thank you!"
"I think the whole course was well planned, organised and met all the learning outcomes..."
Voices from the MBSR Winter Group Course 2009/10

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Mindfulness Urban Retreat Day / Weekend

"Thanks for introducing me to meditation and mindfulness. It’s easy to forget during the frustrating moments that it really has already changed my life!..."
"I like the poetry of inspirational teachers. I realize that this is non-religious but I love the warmth and encouragement of wise people. Susann, you were a lovely guide. Thank you so much..."
"Susann continues to impress and inspire me – a truly remarkable woman!..."
"Great food. Good structure. Calming atmosphere. I will definitely join again for another weekend..."
"Good mix of different practices. I thought the silence was very powerful..."
"Very special place you have both created here. Very rewarding experience as always at London Meditation..."
"I enjoyed the different types of meditation practice, the mindful lunch, the lovely venue. Feel like I need some more intensive sessions. Good structure, good to vary the day. Great food!..."
"The strengths of the event: being with like-minded people and having the opportunity to experience a whole day of quiet, just for myself..."
"I found most useful the guidance – certain comments /reminders at exactly the right moment. The slow re-introduction of communication at the end. The wonderful food. The lovely environment..."
"Practice, practice, practice – felt more intensive than yesterday which was good for me..."
Voices from the Mindfulness Urban Retreat Day / Weekend JUNE 2010

"I found the weekend retreat very rewarding. Concepts and ideas which are often difficult, intimidating or different were presented in an professional, well thought and accessible manner – an excellent translation of long and powerful traditions into the modern London environment!..."
"I had a dual interest in the weekend – professional (I am a clinical psychologist) and personal having spent time in hospital in the last year with depression. I was slightly apprehensive and didn’t know what to expect. Despite not having clear expectations it exceeded them and was a valuable experience. Thank you..."
"I really enjoyed the day and got a lot out of it. I found the ’in the grip of thought’ particularly helpful as seeing the same issues reframed can sometimes really help in understanding them..."
"The introduction of the ’rules’ of the day were very clear, everyone was very co-operative and caring even without talking. I found it very peaceful and de-stressing. I liked how we could choose to sit. Time flew by..."
"I would love to do it again. I liked the short lectures between meditations, I thought they were really interesting as I only ’do’ the meditations, not really thinking about any of the implications. I loved the food! Thank you Susann and Albert for a great day..."
"Lovely venue and Susann is a very good coach – clear and reassuring makes you feel ’safe’! Enjoyed humming and walking in particular because of the ’focus’. Great lunch in the sunshine..."
"Lovely environment! Food was great. Susann is an excellent teacher – very engaging manner, enthusiastic – also good that she shares her own experiences..."
"The retreat was perfect for me. I was able to appreciate the importance of being and observing my ’self’. Creating a space for stillness where we were able to be in touch with ’self’ was a strength of the event. A wonderful, peaceful day..."
"A journey worthwhile!..."
"I enjoyed the Mindful Eating – I couldn’t do it at home despite trying. Thanks for the journey. I feel something profound has happened! More than I expected..."
"I enjoyed the VARIETY of meditations. Susann’s clarity, honesty and passion in communicating mindfulness practice was most useful. Fantastic food! I’d like to redo the day with Susann! Really inspiring day!..."
"I found the whole day uplifting and enabling..."
"I found it a very fruitful experience and felt very energized..."
"I definitely make a significant leap forward in my practice though it was tough. Very professional and well presented. Many thanks to Susann and Albert. I have a very useful new skill in the making..."
Voices from the Mindfulness Urban Retreat Day / Weekend APRIL 2010

"Thank you for a brilliant event – exactly what I needed..."
"Well balanced day with different techniques making the day diverse and interesting. Exceeded my expectations – a liberating experience..."
"There is a lot I am taking home..."
"Thank you for being so supportive and advising us on looking after ourselves..."
"It’s been extremely useful to get in contact with myself. It was great, I’ll do it again! And the food was marvellous!!..."
"Being silent – not having to interact with others was very liberating. It created the space to be with myself. It was much easier than I thought! I was nervous about the silence and meditating with others before I came but it wasn’t a problem..."
"Just a quick note to say thanks for Saturday. I found it very interesting. Difficult, but interesting. I also wanted to say how much I appreciated your warmth and sincerity..."
"I found being in a group of people without having to talk or make eye contact was very refreshing. Thanks for a great day..."
"Thank you very much for inviting us all into your home, and taking such good care of us..."
"Worthwhile. Glad I came..."
"I really enjoyed the combination of activities – especially the Sufi movement and circular motions. A great day..."
"Good combination of activities. We are encouraged to try different posture in the same day – very helpful for myself..."
"Having the experience of silence with others around – Bizarre@first. A lovely Day!..."
Voices from the Mindfulness Urban Retreat Day / Weekend FEBRUARY 2010

"I was concerned, but I really enjoyed the silence! The practice gave me a good reminder of mindfulness. I really enjoyed the mindful walking, the variety of practice and the idea that the silence carried on through the day. The brunch as practice was great..."
"Susann gave very clear instructions and ensured that everybody was understanding what they had to do. She also created a very welcoming and safe space for the group. Everybody was looked after. I enjoyed the different types of exercises and the fact that we gradually ’returned back’ to making contact with each other..."
"The day of silence was not as difficult as I thought it would be. There was a sense of shared experience with the group and the different meditation exercises throughout the day kept it very interesting..."
"It was a very important, much needed refresher! I really enjoyed being part of a group. The food was fantastic! Susann is a wonderful teacher. Thank you for a new experience. Thank you for being an inspirational teacher..."
"I enjoyed the structure and chosen meditation techniques. As the day went along my concentration got better. I am happy I have now tools to deal with my inner problems. I can feel that it is up to me and nobody else to make my life better. Thank you Susann..."
"Thank you so much for such a special day on Sunday. I really felt very privaledged to be part of something so special. It made me feel very excited about the future in terms of doing silent group meditation sessions again. I felt so peaceful towards the second half of the day, especially when the sun came down and the room was solely lit by candles and we were all in silence. I really needed that feeling of contentment. I have felt so out of touch with any form of contentment just recently. It’s been such a horrible few months for me. At times I have felt so hopeless and so scared. Sunday really helped me to feel connected again. I will try as much as I can to incorporate more of this into my everyday life. Thanks Susann..."
"It was an encouraging day in a very meditative space to find my inner silence, to stay with it, explore and enjoy it; an excellent ’reminder’ day of being mindful in my daily activities. I felt very safe and the coaching as well as the organisation was excellent..."
Voices from the Mindfulness Urban Retreat Day / Weekend NOVEMBER 2009

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based on introspection and meditative techniques

(in alphabetical order)

"Albert provided excellent work as a personal coach, we managed a job change from Operations to Marketing while developing a very successful business model, addressing CRM.
Albert’s very professional approach enabled me to review and improve leadership style, while also considering and evaluate personal and business related objectives and targets.
I can strongly recommend the use of personal coaches – and specially Albert Tobler, as he stands for great results, reliable, creative and successful solutions – great to know him and to learn from him and his experience and knowledge.
Christian Stoever, VP & GM Alcan Packaging Tobacco Western Europe

"I realize now it is not that easy to share the steps and content of this life changing, coaching experience I had with Albert.
Probably, to summarize it the first striking element was the use of relaxation (so unusual in my professional context) which quite quickly brought me more agility in the ability to step back from the long ’to-do list of the day’ to get to a weekly, then monthly or yearly one...
Second, Albert helped me visualize my personal development goals (the dream ones) and I became aware that it was not opposite to my professional career growth. On the contrary, combining the two has strengthened my self respect, sharpening my focus on those strengths that are also the fundamental values for which I stand.
Albert was so positive helping through the many concrete issues we covered together that it was really a revitalizing experience.
Now, I feel ready for whatever big professional change to come... keeping in mind only a short ’to-do list of my life’."
Gildas, Finance Director in the (rock the boat) mining Industry

"I am extremely happy to write a testimonial for Albert, and indeed have recommended him and his services to several friends of mine.
I approached career coaching with an open mind and was willing and expecting to make a complete change in my career. The difference is I have discovered the reasons why I am doing what I am, learnt to concentrate on my strengths and I have a long term focus.
Albert has been fantastic to work with, helping me to achieve clarity and confidence through a very challenging time and helped me to achieve my big goal- becoming a Coach. Thank you!"
Jagoda Kupcza, Coach

"Do you know how it feels to peel off the layers of clouds in your mind?
And do you know what it means to raise your awareness just simply by spending time with yourself?
I am so grateful for what I have experienced with and through Susann.
She made my time at Utopia Village very special.
The Coaching process and mediation practise helped me to get back and follow my path.
I still enjoy using the tools she has given me to maintain my fulfilled state.
Thank you, Susann!"
Kathleen Grieger, Anaesthetic Lead Nurse

"It has been very good working with Susann. She has helped me to focus and keep up the momentum to achieve clarity and confidence during a period of considerable change in my life. She enabled me to take the road that will lead to the life I really want to have."
Katrin Sailer, Social Worker

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Introductory Meditation Course

(in alphabetical order)

"Hello Susann, You will be pleased to hear that I have started practicing meditation on daily basis. The course I attended was really important to me and I am very thankful for your support and knowledge. Practicing meditation has been mostly fun so far. It is a great way to relax and reflect on the day's challenges and experiences. It's great to feel free again!"
Judith Balova, Office Assistant

"When I did the meditation course of London Meditation I was a complete beginner. My only experience had been a few sessions of active meditation in the Monday drop-in. After the course I definitively have a deeper and new understanding of meditation. Most importantly - I learned a lot of small techniques which are very helpful to learn meditation. I now practise these techniques in my everyday life. The course was very intense and inspiring. It was tailored to my individual needs and all specific questions I had were taken into account. Susann is a great teacher. I do warmly recommend the Meditation course."
Nicolas Dedek, Physicist

"What I loved about the course was the fact that I leant several techniques to 'trick' my mind into meditating. I'm not one of those people who can just sit down and go 'Ommmm...', so the Active Meditation approach was a great way of getting to that stage. Susann's style is a unique combination of lots of fun and a serious understanding of her subject. I would recommend this course to anybody who wants to 'finally' find a practical way to meditate, which they can apply as soon as they leave the course."
Rikke Hansen, Career Advisor

"I found the course informative and interesting in a pleasant and relaxed environment taught by Susann who has brought a wealth of experience to the subject. I came away feeling very refreshed with some very good techniques to aid my meditation."
Sue Gooch, Translation Services Adviser and Translator

"The course is well structured and the advice is pragmatic, straight forward and easy to understand. I really liked the fact that Susann made meditation fun. I feel like I have started on a journey of discovery, I'm just sorry I didn't start it earlier."
Yvonne Roach, Human Resources Manager

"I very much enjoyed the weekend meditation course. I found it very effective, useful and found that it achieved much more than I thought it would in the time allotted. I hope to come back for more soon."
Mr X, Lawyer

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Introductory Meditation Session

"Susann, I just wanted to thank-you for you introducing me to meditation and helping me bring it into my life.
Its really made a difference to me...
how I think,
how I view things,
how I handle things and
how I feel.
Its made a big impact in my life."
Meera Shah, Finance Professional

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Private Meditation Session

(in alphabetical order)

"Susann's faculty to articulate meditative tools in an intelligible way really helped me to be dramatically more in contact with myself!"
Belinda Bouchain, Artist

"I decided in January to try Meditation as I had started a journey of finding myself and had read a lot about the benefits of Meditation. I first went to an open Monday evening session at London Meditation which proved to be a life changing experience. Everyone was extremely friendly especially Susann and I had what I could only describe as a spiritual experience. I decided to delve further into this and had a 3 session course on a one to one basis with Susann. This was immensly helpful as it gave me a better understanding of the processes that was going through. This was as described earlier a life changing experience.
I now practice meditation daily and am sailing through life in a completely different way. Nothing seems to phase me as before and I am able to step back and see things from a distance as they really are. A lot of my fears have gone and even stressful situations dissapear with the minimum of fuss.
When I first started Susann said that I would be able to walk down Oxford street and feel as if I was on the top of a mountain. Seems impossible, try it and see. Thank you Susann."
Michael Stolerman, UK and European Sales Director

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Meditation Classes

(in alphabetical order)

"As an old hand to Active Meditations I appreciate the opportunity provided by Susann to do them in the company of other people. It is always much easier to meditate with others than on your own. Susann’s enthusiasm for meditation is infectious and she has the skill and lightness of touch required to welcome newcomers to Active Meditation. The venue is spacious and afterwards there is often an opportunity to discuss meditation over cups of tea and glasses of fruit juice. Thank you Susann."
Alok, London – Hendon

"I was surprised when I found Active Meditation. I did not have any previous experience of meditating and yet I found this method naturally easy. It seems to be a wonderfully woven balance of music, movement and silence. For the first time in a while I found my thoughts taking a break. As with all things created from the heart, London Meditation is a beautiful place. Maybe it is the type of meditation or the people I meet each week. Maybe it is the combination of both, but I would highly recommend it to anyone living in London."
Damien, London – Hackney

"I did take part in a two guided Meditations before. The Kundalini Meditation was very different from what I knew. I especially enjoid the big difference between dancing and listening into myself."
Jan, Luton

"London Meditation provides a valuable space for people to experience and appreciate Active Meditation. It accomodates beginners and experienced meditators in a single sitting (or dancing) and provides everyone the opportunity to be centered and in the moment... something that the busy urban life makes very difficult for most of us."
Kenny, London

"I am very happy to find Active Meditations in London. I have been doing meditations since 2000, so it became part of my everyday life. The Active Meditations are very effective and helpful in my life. I can recommend it to everyone."
Peter, London – Stratford

"My experience is that one can find relief from the endless obsessional chatter of the mind through meditation. I find that there is a peace of mind to be found beyond all that complaining thinking, all those repeating fantasy conversations in my mind about work and relationships and money. In a meditation community I find it can eventually be enough to just sit in order to find this meditative peace, but here working in the city it is my experience that first I need to shake off the tensions of the day and that is what active meditations gives to me, and may give to you."
Ricky, London – Finsbury Park

"After not having meditated for a long time it was a tremendous experience. A nice room, a friendly group, a lot of positive energy, I could see pictures which I have never seen before. I had the chance to sink in deeply, as deep as I have never been before. I will certainly be back."
Torsten, London – Barnet

"I would have said that I wasn’t suited to meditation; it seemed only to provide me with frustration that I was unable to "turn my thoughts off", but active meditation has changed my attitude altogether. Not only am I able to leave the confines of my analytical everyday thought process, I feel like I can move unselfconsciously for the first time in a long time. It is really liberating and I feel completely rejuvenated afterwards (no matter what kind of a day I have had!). It?s nice to be excited about something which is so good for me!"
Vita, London – Hackney

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Saturday morning drop-in

(in alphabetical order)

"A wonderful start to the day made better by the joy of sharing with like minded souls. I would recommend it for anyone looking for a little peace in their hectic lives."
Gill Dalton

"A beautiful start to the day, a beautiful way of life. Mmmmmm..."
Hrishi Mittal

"The (very) early morning's may initially be a bit of a struggle, but the meditations are worth it. I leave mellow, centered, peaceful and clean-states of being that serve me the whole joyful day."
Marged Richards

"The striking thing for me is how the meditation experience changed with time. First day was uncomfortable. Second day was fidgety. Third day was deep and settling. And the fourth day I experienced waves of near-orgasmic bliss."
Richard Goldstein

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